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A Word From Our Founder
 Theodore A. SeeMy name is Ted See. I am the founder and developer of the TASCON® Business Analyst. Thank you for taking time to review our software.
 The TASCON® Business Analyst is a product developed from my 40 years of experience working as a business financial consultant, as a board certified business appraiser and my experience as the chief financial officer of a mid-sized construction company in Wisconsin.
 During my career, I have developed numerous, very effective concepts and strategies that are proven to increase the profitability, cash flow, and the business value of any company.   Six years ago, I made the decision to pull together all these strategies and concepts into one system and share these powerful tools with as many businesses and trusted advisers as possible.  The end product of that work is The TASCON® Business Analyst software you are now reviewing.
 The TASCON® Business Analyst is a fully integrated, seamless, easy to use system for developing annual profit plans, pricing products or services, managing cash flow and calculating business value.   It is a dynamic tool that can help you not only plug the holes in your profit bucket, but give you a proven methodology for increasing profits, cash and business value to achieve your business goals.
 I am very excited to share my concepts and strategies with you and hope you decide to leverage The TASCON® Business Analyst to increase the performance and long-term value of your business.   The software is designed for non-accountants, no spreadsheets are used, and you don’t have to be a computer expert to use it.   You can be up and running in no time.
 I wish you much continued success with your business and thank you again for considering the TASCON® Business Analyst.

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