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Do you have an exit strategy or succession plan timeline?

"The ultimate business goal – To design a highly profitable business that runs smoothly, predictably and automatically, and worth a fortune when it's sold." (The Growth Coach®) How much cash do you need to retire? When do you want to retire? How will you help grow the value of your business to achieve your retirement goals? After determining your cash needs and time-line goals, develop an exit strategy plan.

  • Steps to create an Exit Strategy Plan
    • Determine the current value of your business
    • Calculate the business profit performance needed to achieve your value goal
    • Create the profit plan needed to achieve the profitability goal
    • Using the TASCON® Business Analyst Profit Forecaster
      • Forecast a long term profit plan (up to 10 years)
    • Using the TASCON® Business Analyst Value Forecaster

      • Forecast the different business values at each profitability level (up to 10 years). Determine either

        • The time-line needed to achieve the value goal, or
        • The value at your time-line goal.
  • The TASCON® Business Analyst "links" business valuation forecasting with business operations profit forecasting to provide you these answers quickly and easily.

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