Online Software for profit enhancement, cash management, business valuation, exit plan solutions

Use proven business strategies to immediately improve the financial performance of any business!

The TASCON® Business Analyst asks what the business has done in the past and where you want it to go in the future and then it shows you how to get there:  daily, monthly and year after year.

If any of the following statements ring true to you, The TASCON® Business Analyst will help increase the performance of any business and help achieve the desired financial goals.

  • You experience profit fade each year and want to identify and reverse it.
  • You know how to accurately estimate labor and material but are unsure of the company's "soft costs" and want to develop winning pricing and bidding strategies to maximize profits and know when to “walk away"
  • You always seem to need cash and want a system that will anticipate the amount and time-line of their monthly cash needs.
  • You know the value that you need from your business and the time-line that you want for your exit strategy or succession plan but you are not sure how to achieve them.
  • You would like to increase your business' value to achieve your short and long term financial planning goals but need a way to determine its current and future values.
  • You personally own business income property and would like to know what it is worth for financial planning, insurance and other purposes.





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