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“I don’t know how I every survived without your software. We weren’t even pricing our jobs right. Now it’s a piece of cake!”

Electrical Contractor

“Considering the market circumstances I believe we have fixed this company largely thanks to you and what you have taught me regarding (how to use) the financials.”

General Contractor

“As a business seller, your software showed me how much more I could get for my business if I would hold some paper as part of the sale. To think that I might have “blown” the deal because I didn’t know any better is a sobering thought.”

Mechanical Contractor

“Budgets were the last thing on my mind when I purchased a license to your software. I wanted a fast and accurate business valuation for financial planning reasons. After I discovered the budgeting and job cost features of the software, I quickly realized that I also had in my hands the tools necessary for me to immediately increase the profitability of my company. I didn’t know there was actually a way to do these things. It is easy once you know how.”

Remodeling Contractor

“Why should I pay $9,000 - $12,000 for a full business valuation to get a “range of value” when I can get an accurate valuation by using your software.”

General Contractor


“I don’t have an accounting background but I found The TASCON® Business Analyst very intuitive and easy to use. I now know how to properly plan to make a profit.”

Agricultural Products Manufacturer

“We are currently finalizing our plans for succession planning. This is the perfect tool to use for annually calculating my business’ value and being able to tell the IRS (if necessary) how it was calculated.”

Tool and Die Manufacturing

“Standard valuation techniques never made any sense to me. I didn’t want a range of values I wanted an accurate value that was calculated for my business and I got it with The TASCON® Business Analyst.”

Electric Circuit Board Manufacturer

“I was finally able to determine and show my bank just how much of a credit line I would need to run my business. I can’t believe what a difference it makes in my cash flow. Thanks for a great product!”

Manufacturer – Printing Company


I had no idea how to price my products until I got your software. My profits have greatly improved.

Retailer – Gift Shop


“Very intuitive to use.”

Wholesale Distributor – Electrical Products

“My banker fell off of his chair when I brought him a cash flow schedule that showed him what type of credit line I needed for my business next year. He gave it to me.”

Wholesaler – Construction Materials and Supplies


“Your software has allowed me to quickly establish an accurate business value for my client’s on an annual basis at an affordable price to them. Without this information, I do not feel that we could do as good of a job as we do in our financial planning efforts.”

Financial Services Company

“This stuff COOKS!!! It is very detailed, precise and user friendly.”

Financial Planner


“Pinch me! What took so long? I have been looking for a program to do this for years and didn’t expect all of the extras! Thanks!”

Commercial Real Estate Broker

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