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The TASCON® Business Analyst will allow you to create accurate business valuation strategy solutions and have the ability to perform unlimited “what-if” analysis scenarios on any input data. Use it as the 'Test of Reasonableness" for all valuation methodologies. It will allow you to discuss and/or negotiate them with authority and confidence with anyone. The results can be used to consult with your clients in any of the following topics:

Business Valuations:

  • Use the Optimization Method™ contained within The TASCON® Business Analyst as your primary business valuation methodology. The Optimization Method™ determines the optimum business value while assuring that the business can pay the structured debt created from the sale, pay a market salary to the owner and pay a market return on investment. At any snapshot in time, there is only one price that can simultaneously meet these three criteria. The Optimization Method™ determines that price.
  • Use The TASCON® Business Analyst as the "Test of Reasonableness" to minimize your liability when verifying the final opinion of value contained within any valuation report that contains methodologies that use subjective data and the evaluator's opinion to determine the resulting value or range of values.
  • Use The TASCON® Business Analyst to quantify your due diligence through its ability to calculate unlimited 'what-if" analyses and structure deals.
  • Use The TASCON® Business Analyst's ability to link the proven business budget strategies contained within the Profit Forecaster™ with the business valuation calculations contained within the Value Forecaster™ to project future business values for up to 10 years.
  • Quantify the difference in business values created from different business transaction models such as investment models, strategic sales, roll-ups, spin-offs, LBO's and others.
  • Use The TASCON® Business Analyst to provide a quick and accurate business "calculation" value when the timing, need and/or expense of a full valuation report is not feasible.
  • Include all or part of The TASCON® Business Analyst's valuation report in other valuation reports to minimize your liability.

Mergers & Acquisitions & Divestitures:

  • Determine the optimum business value to help guide and control the negotiation process.
  • Show your client how the value of their business or a business that they are purchasing would change when tempered with the strategies of a strategic sale, merger, roll-up, spin-off or LBO.

Succession and Estate Planning:

  • Determine the optimum value of your client’s business to begin the planning strategies needed for ownership transfer through gifting or other means.

Exit Strategies:

  • Show your client the company profitability needed to achieve the optimum business market value that they need for their exit strategy.
  • Show and guide your client in the short and/or long term financial plan needed, through budgets and job costing strategies to achieve their exit strategy goals.
  • Show your client how they can benefit from increases or decreases in the business value that are created from changes in purchase notes and market terms.
  • Discuss with your client, the strategy of providing any “gap” financing that may be needed to achieve the optimum value for their business.

Partnership/Owner Buyouts:

  • The TASCON® Business Analyst uses the “Optimization Method” of business valuation and is the perfect base methodology for the owners of any subject business to agree to use to value a partner/shareholder ownership interest value since it is accurate and only third party verifiable market data is used to determine the optimum market value.

Divorce Negotiations:

  • Provide an accurate and affordable preliminary business valuation result during the initial discovery phase that will help guide and control the negotiation process.
  • Identify the need and feasibility of incurring the cost of a “full-blown” business valuation when it is then known whether or not the result will be to the advantage of your client.

Profitability Enhancement:

  • Since the features of profit enhancement are “linked” to the valuation features, you can quickly and easily consult with clients and quantify the additional profitability needed for them to reach certain business valuation goals.

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"I bought your first valuation software program in 1989 and thought it was the best DOS valuation program available. I was very glad to see that it has been updated into a web-based application. Now I can say that I think it is the best Windows based valuation program available but now it does much more than valuations."


"The “What If” scenarios have helped my clients understand the true value of the company and the impacts various changes would have on the financial performance"


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