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Be a Business Consultant not a Salesperson:

The TASCON® Business Analyst will provide you with new value-added services that will set you apart from the competition. You will be considered as a business partner and adviser by your business clients. You will be able to offer advice and counsel in new topics, without subjecting yourself to the unnecessary risks associated with other financial valuation/analysis tools that use subjective data. You will be able to quickly create accurate valuation and business strategies and perform unlimited “what-if” analysis scenarios.

Consult With Your Clients in a Variety of Topics:

  • Prepare any business for sale by enhancing its profitability to achieve the optimum price to maximize the seller’s proceeds and your consulting and brokerage fees.
  • Accurately price any business, with or without real estate, including service businesses.
  • Prepare a seller’s presentation analysis/valuation report to help secure the business listing.
  • Negotiate Win-Win deals with unlimited what-if scenarios to facilitate the negotiation process.
  • Prepare a proforma short term financial plan through an analysis of the operations. Demonstrate the buyer’s first year’s profit potential to encourage the sale and determine the cash and/or credit line needed to achieve their profit goals.
  • Determine the time-line to achieve specific valuation goals to develop any exit strategy.

Business Valuation:

The TASCON® Business uses a mathematical analysis that eliminates the financial liability of other valuation methodologies. Use The TASCON® Business Analyst for:

  • Your primary business valuation software resource tool.
  • Your "Test of Reasonableness" for any business valuation conclusions perpared by others.
  • A valuation method to compliment the methodologies used by other valuation software. Include the results of the Optimization Method™ as an independent chapter within the final valuation report.
  • Preparing your “test of reasonableness or sanity check” first.

Prepare Professional Reports:

  • Prepare a full 54 page business valuation report for fee appraisals.
  • Prepare a seller’s presentation report to secure the listing.
  • Prepare a buyer’s marketing report to sell the listing.
  • Prepare unlimited “what-if” scenarios to facilitate the negotiation process.
  • Prepare a business operations analysis plan to identify the solutions for profitability enhancement.
  • Prepare a buyer's financial plan to help secure bank financing.

Perform Unlimited “What-if” Scenario Analysis:

  • Determine the time-line required to prepare a business for sale to achieve a valuation goal and prepare the individual yearly financial plans needed to achieve the desired exit strategy result.
  • Determine how the value of a subject business may change with changes is financing terms, down payment amounts, return on investment criteria, loan to values and interest rates to “keep deals together” by providing both parties a win-win solution.
  • Determine the need (if any) for gap (seller) financing and if needed to what degree to achieve the optimum value.
  • Determine the complete financial “deal structuring” to show the optimum financial loan structuring and a determination as to whether seller (gap) financing is necessary and if so, to what degree for inclusion on listing agreements and/or offers to purchase.
  • Analyze offers received on business listings to help determine the price and/or terms of any counter offers submitted. 

Acquisitions and Divestitures:

  • Determine the optimum business value to help guide and control the negotiation process.
  • Show your client how the value of their business or a business that they are considering would change when tempered with the strategies of a strategic sale, merger, roll-up, spin-off, leveraged buyout or partnership/owner buyout.

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"Your program is great. Now that I know what it does, I am glad that I am the one using it because I wouldn’t want to be selling against it."

- Business Broker

"I wasn’t a believer until I compared a recent existing business valuation with the results from your software. It was easy to use and I can immediately recognize the shortcomings of the other methodologies that were used in the other valuation."

- Business Broker

"Wow! I was one of your “Beta Testers” and due to a busy schedule, kept putting off the testing of the software. I was doing one deal without using it until I realized just what it does. The software quickly and easily put me in the right direction and I credit it with saving the deal for me. I was able to show both the seller and buyer a win-win situation. I will never do another deal without it."


"Your business valuation seminar was great but your business valuation software is easier to use and even better!"

- Business Broker

"I recently was able to produce a budget for an individual looking at buying a business. This helped him understand the true cash flow and financing structure that was being recommended."

- Business Intermediary

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