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The TASCON® Business Analyst budgeting, forecasting and planning software starts where accounting software programs stop.  It is the missing financial link to “Your Track to Profit™”!

The TASCON® Business Analyst financial management system for small to mid-sized businesses links financial analysis, budgeting, job pricing, bidding strategies and cash flow management with business valuation.  It transforms these key business activities into viable and proven business solutions that are used to capture more business, increase profits, and manage the cash flow, growth and exit strategies of any business.  


Budgets and Forecasts   Learn more

  • Create budgets and forecasts for up to 10 years
  • All budget years can be reported on a monthly or annual basis
  • Line item expense ratios are provided for every budget
  • Interim year starting points can be used
  • Up to 4 profits centers per company can be created
  • An unlimited number of companies can be created
  • The number of budgets and forecasts  for each company is unlimited
  • Budget items can be adjusted by category, by percent by line item, by an absolute amount by line item, or by using and industry standard by line item
  • Forecasts can be driven by revenue increases, price increases, or a combination

Multipliers for Job and Product Pricing   Learn more

  • Every budget automatically creates job/cost multipliers for pricing based upon a dual overhead burden rate concept  that gives you a competitive edge       
  • A breakeven analysis is automatically generated with each annual plan

Cash Flow Management   Learn more

  • Every budget includes a complete annual cash flow schedule
  • Cash flow is detailed by month
  • Cash flow is automatically adjusted each month based upon actual performance.   You always know where you are with your cash position.
  • The credit line that maximizes profitability is automatically calculated
  • Optimal credit line use by month is automatically calculated

Complete Financial Operating Reports   Learn more

  • Executive summary letters are automatically generated for stakeholders
  • Detailed income statements for every budget
  • Detailed balance sheets for every budget
  • Detailed cash flow statements for every budget

Financial Ratios

Business and Income Property Valuation (Optional Add-on)

Your Track to Profit™