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The TASCON® Business Analyst was designed to provide trusted advisers with the tools to increase advisory services billings. It is the only business solution of its kind that links the features of business operations analysis and business valuation. Each feature can be used independently or both features can be used simultaneously. These unique features use proven business strategies and the data from a business’ actual accounting records to transform them into viable and proven business solutions that are used to increase profits and control the cash flow, growth and exit strategies of any business. All business solutions are contained within six customizable reports that were created for client distribution.

Create Thousands of Dollars of Billable Services in Only 1 to 2 Hours!

  • Many of our trusted adviser customers have told us that they have created thousands of dollars in billable value added service billing solutions from their business clients by providing them a 27 page operations report deliverable. It will immediately help enhance their profitability by creating proper budgeting, job cost/pricing and cash flow solution models.
  • To keep your client's profits on track to their budget goals, create monthly Performance to Plan reports in about a half an hour for additional monthly billings.

Create Thousands of Dollars of Additional Billings in an Additional Few Hours!

Since the financial analysis, profit enhancement, cash management, business valuation and deal structuring features of The TASCON® Business Analyst are seamlessly linked, you can:

  • In just a few more hours or so, you can add thousands of dollars of additional billable value added service billings to your business clients by providing them with a 54+ page valuation report. It will create the business valuation solutions needed to protect their assets by developing the proper exit strategies for: succession planning, financial/estate planning, acquisitions, divestitures and financial management.
  • Use The TASCON® Business Analyst as the "Test of Reasonableness" to verify the business value of third party valuation reports.
  • If a full valuation report isn't needed or can't be afforded by the client, create a 12 page Market Value Calculation report for valuation assignments that are less demanding in nature and/or where only an estimated range of value is required.

You will have the ability to perform unlimited “what-if” analysis scenarios on any input data. You will be able to quantify, discuss and/or negotiate them with anyone with authority and confidence. The results can be used to consult with your clients in any of the following topics:

Profitability Enhancement:

  • Analyze the business from an operations stand point to accurately guide your clients to the plan needed to enhance their profitability or return their company to profitability by creating proper budgeting and job cost solution models. (Some of our customers have reported that these reports have also led to additional consulting services to help implement the policies, procedures and systems that will maintain and help insure the budget goals.)
  • Simultaneously calculate the burden rates and job cost/pricing multipliers for up to four independent profit centers (departments, divisions, etc.) that when combined, will achieve management's consolidated company profit goal.
  • Using the Profit Forecaster™, and sound business budgeting strategies, create profit forecasts for periods out to 10 years.

Control Cash Flows:

  • Create full monthly cash flow schedule models from budgets to determine the business’ monthly cash demands and to determine your client’s annual cash and/or credit line needs so they can better control their cash flows to achieve their next year’s budget goals.
  • Analyze the business from an operations stand point to accurately guide your clients to the plan needed to enhance or return their company to profitability by creating proper budgeting, job cost and cash flow solution models.

Acquisitions and Divestitures:

  • Determine the optimum business value to help guide and control the negotiation process.
  • Show your client how the value of their business or a business that they are purchasing would change when tempered with the strategies of a strategic sale, merger, roll-up, spin-off or LBO.

Succession and Estate Planning:

  • Determine the optimum value of your client’s business to begin the planning strategies needed for ownership transfer through gifting or other means.

Exit Strategies:

  • Show your client the company profitability needed to achieve the optimum business market value that they need for their exit strategy.
  • Show and guide your client in the short and/or long term financial plan needed to achieve their exit strategy goals.
  • Show your client how they can benefit from increases or decreases in the business value that are created from changes in purchase notes and market terms.
  • Discuss with your client, the strategy of providing any “gap” financing that may be needed to achieve the optimum value for their business.

Partnership/Owner Buyouts:

  • The TASCON® Business Analyst uses the “Optimization Method” of business valuation and is the perfect base methodology for the owners of any subject business to agree to use to value a partner/shareholder ownership interest value since it is accurate and only third party verifiable market data is used to determine the optimum market value.
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"It increased my level of professionalism by giving me information that was not available to me before."


"Due to legal liability issues, I was afraid of providing my clients with a business appraisal until I realized that your software provides a mathematical calculation that uses only verifiable third party information. My only liability rests in selecting the third party information properly. It carries less liability than what I experience in preparing someone’s taxes. Thanks!"


"Why did it take so long for someone to develop this? I don’t know how I ever got along without it."


"I have been waiting to see how long it would take someone to come out with a software tool that would do these things. I love it!"


"Value added billings are great, but the best part of your software, is we can now help many more of our clients that we would have had the time to do without it."


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