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Business Valuation Module Features

Business Valuations

  • Determine the current value of any business
  • Estimate the future value of any business out to 10 years with the Value Forecaster™ 

Easy Data Entry

  • Repetitive data is automatically entered from the My Profile section
  • The software will accept up to three years worth of income statements and balance sheets for reports
  • Quick Help is available on each line item

Structured Financing

  • Each valuation can be structured with up to seven loans: five different asset loans, one real estate loan and one seller/mezzanine financing loan
  • The need for seller financing is determined
  • Market-financing terms and conditions are used for fair market valuation conclusions
  • Other financing criteria is used for client specific valuation conclusions such as strategic sales, divestiture, LBOs, spin-offs, and roll-ups

Income Statement Normalization (Recasting)   Learn more

  • The text description of each line-item can be customized
  • Positive or negative dollar value adjustments can be used for each line item
  • Positive or negative percentage adjustments of industry standards values can be used
  • The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) of the normalized income statement is determined

Balance Sheet Normalization (Recasting)   Balance Sheet Normalization

  • Positive or negative dollar value adjustments for each line item are used for normalization

Business Valuation Methodology   Learn more

  • The Optimization method is used to establish a business' value and perform the Test of Reasonableness to the final valuation conclusion
  • Only non-subjective data from verifiable third party sources is used to minimize subjectivity

Business Value Forecasting   Learn more

  • Business valuation is linked to 10-year operational profit forecasting to aid in exit strategy and succession planning

What-If Analyst

  • Allows unlimited What-If valuation analysis given different market financing criteria

Complete Business Valuation Reports   Learn more

  • Valuation calculation reports are generated where less detail is needed
  • Full valuation reports are automatically generated
  • Predefined reports can be customized within MicroSoft Word®
  • PDF reports can be automatically generated.