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Fast, Accurate & Affordable Income Property Valuation Solutions!

Income property valuation solutions are now instantly available.

The TASCON® Business Analyst uses the Optimization method of income property valuation. A income property is worth that price at which it must be able to pay the market debt created from the sale, pay a fair market management fee to the owner and pay the owner a fair rate of return on their investment. At any “snap shot” in time there is only one price that can simultaneously meet all three criteria. The TASCON® Business Analyst calculated that price.

  • Income Property Valuation

    • Determine the current value of any business income property at the rent collected for loans, buying/selling, exit strategies, financial planning, insurance value and more.
    • The TASCON® Business Analyst has an optional enhanced income property valuation module that was designed to easily provide accurate valuation solutions for financial planning purposes at an affordable price. 

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