Convert profit goals to successful bid pricing results.
Contractors and job shop manufactures have been the primary focus of The TASCON Group since the early 80's. These two industries share an obvious commonality in the way their direct costs are incurred, tracked and controlled. Typically, each uses a complex combination of direct labor, direct materials, direct equipment, direct subcontractors and direct "other" costs to "build" their products.
We found that over 90% of our new clients were not properly pricing their products to even cover their costs of doing business let alone achieve their profit goals. was designed especially for the contractor and job shop manufacturer to automate the process of calculating burden rates and creating winning bidding strategies. This process leverages the "dual overhead burden rate" system of burden rate determination.
The TASCON® Business Analyst converts a company's annual profit goal into successful bid pricing results. If a businesses has multiple departments or profit centers, it will develop individual bid pricing strategies for each profit center to accomplish the single company profit goal.