Online Software for profit enhancement, cash management, business valuation, exit plan solutions
It only takes a few hours to create an annual business financial plan with The TASCON® Business Analyst and about an hour each month to update your data using existing accounting information.  For this minimal investment in time, you receive the following benefits.
  • A complete, annual profit plan, budget, forecasts and an annual cash flow plan.

  • Budgets can be created for 1 year and forecasts for up to 10 years

  • Budget data line item detail can be reported on an annual or monthly basis
  • Line item expense ratios are available for the prior year performance
  • Financial plan modeling scenarios available using unlimited price, sales and/or line litem expense assumptions.
  • Pricing multipliers for your product or service that achieve your profit plan are automatically generated, including a complete breakeven analysis.  The most accurate pricing method available is used:  the dual overhead burden concept.
  • Detailed, monthly reports showing if your profits are on track based upon your plan.  If you are not on track, the system automatically calculates revised pricing strategies that will get you back on track and highlights line items that need attention.
  • Complete cash flow schedules are updated monthly that include  information for leveraging your credit line to maximize profits.
  • Complete financial reports are available at the click of a button that can be distributed to stakeholders.  The reports automatically include:
  • Executive summary letters
  • Detailed income statements
  • Detailed balance sheets
  • Detailed cash flow schedules
  • 26 key financial ratios
  • Z-score results
It is amazing what you will get for very little time invested!  The TASCON® Business Analyst is simple, effective, affordable, and it really works to help you manage your business and increase your profits.  GUARANTEED.